The Cast of Delevan House #7

Mairi Pivona (Voni) McQueeney was born under a crescent moon on a Wednesday. At the time, no one celebrating the birth of the screaming girl knew …

The Cast of Delevan House #7

The Cast of Delevan House #6

Delevan House Elspeth Jane Ogilvy dropped out of university and disappeared from her life in Glasgow. The pressure from her family to live her life a…

The Cast of Delevan House #6

Newsletter Launching 2023

Brazen Folk Horror has shared weekly updates with our visitors for several months. As we grow arms, legs, roots and tentacles, and demands rapidly ramp up and shift at some point in the coming months, these weekly articles will wind down.

While we adore creating them for our supportive, growing base, and we love knowing that you are enjoying these rare insights into our unique collaborative work. We want to reward loyal #brazenreaders with special exclusives that aren’t accessible by anyone.

As we’ve always intended, we’ll launch the #bebrazen Newsletter before book II, The Delevan Diaries, releases in 2023.

You’ve already had a taste of such things we share, as we have done so on Brazen Folk Horror. The newsletter will take these insights to a new level for subscribers only.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your email address on the exclusive list and #bebrazen with Sinclair & Jagge. We want you….

The Cast of Delevan House #5

Lawrence Gordon Witches! Witches! Witches! Naw, not really. More Fae. However, let’s broach the ‘witch’ in the room a wee bit today. Perhaps the way …

The Cast of Delevan House #5

The Cast of Delevan House #4

Minerva Morven is our woman of a certain age. Though a resident of Badb village, she’s not one to indulge or engage in casual conversation or …

The Cast of Delevan House #4

The Cast of Delevan House #3

This week you’ll learn a bit more about what makes Robert Lawrence Gorgon tick. Though no more than you’ll discover from visiting Badb village, where…

The Cast of Delevan House #3

Jenna McCray’s Taste of Scotland

Jenna McCray’s first drink in Scotland. When the New Yorker find herself in the coastal village of Anand is a pint of Scottish-brewed heather ale, …

Jenna McCray’s Taste of Scotland

The Cast of Delevan House #1

Delevan House: Part 1 We’ve enjoyed sharing ‘The Making of Delevan House’ with you in a series of posts on Brazen Folk Horror before our release on …

The Cast of Delevan House #1

Delevan House by Ruthann Jagge and Natasha Sinclair

Delevan House is a dark fantasy horror that leans heavily on folk tales, mysticism, and lore. The village of Badb is a place with many secrets …

Delevan House by Ruthann Jagge and Natasha Sinclair