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Natasha Sinclair

‘Audacious stories marinated in macabre, magic and mayhem.’

From the heart of Scotland, Natasha Sinclair is an independent writer, editor and artist. Working under her brand ‘Clan Witch’ for her creative endeavours and ‘Word Refinery’ for editorial works.

Her writing is often woven with horror, sex and psychological elements. She loves to frolic in the darkness with folklore and the macabre and rich history of her homeland.

Art is unrestrained freedom, as is how storytellers choose to wield the fluid movement and global diversity of language to carve captivating and authentic tales that woe, excite or terrorise an audience. Sinclair passionately embraces that, painting original characters with true form, dialect and depth. The devil is in the details.

She is the co-conspirator of ‘Brazen Folk Horror’ with her writing partner, Ruthann Jagge. The Brazen Folk Horror duo’s debut collaborative novel, ‘Delevan House’ releases in February 2023.

Sinclair is a member of The Horror Writers Association (HWA) and The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

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Natasha Sinclair


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