Clan-Witch Interviews: Tammy Ruggles

With Author Tammy Ruggles!

Welcome to the Clan-Witch Interviews.

For fans of Crime Drama, meet, Tammy Ruggles! Author of, ‘Starsky & Hutch Next Gen’ Series;

Each episode is a transformative work that contains no characters from the original TV series Starsky and Hutch, and is not endorsed or associated with Sony Pictures Television, Warner Brothers, or other rights holders.


Q1. What was your inspiration and drive behind your latest book?

I’ve always been a fan of the show Starsky and Hutch, so the book takes the characters one step further in a big what-if direction and is about their sons, Davis and Kent, who are not only partners, but brothers, as they share the same mother.

Crime drama, tragedy, angst, relationships. These are the things I enjoy writing about, and I think it comes from my background as a child/adult protection investigator, dealing with social issues, as I was a social worker before my profession in writing began. It was a chosen profession, and I earned a four-year degree in order to do it, so I am naturally drawn to those kinds of themes.

Q2. What is your writing kryptonite?

Maybe moving the story along a little too quickly, as I tend to write quickly, and love to show rather than tell. Also, I can go over the top once in a while with a reaction or dialogue.

Q3. If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Try to network more with publishers and promoters, and travel more.

Q4. Tell us about an early experience where you learned that words have power.

I guess when I was 12 or 13, and my classmates liked my romance comic stories and asked me to write more for them to read.

Q5. What does success look like to you?

Finishing something I start, and when a story or article comes out the way I’d planned. Or when a reader says, “Thar really touched me, or got to me, or made me feel something.”

Q6. Tell us what we should look out for from you in the future.

I have no plans to write after the new year of 2020, but never say never. A friend of mine w
ants me to write a horror novel based on mysterious deaths surrounding a rogue dog, so I never say never. 

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