Clan-Witch Interviews: Steven Joseph

With Author of ‘The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The Tyrantocrankatsuris,’ Steven Joseph

Welcome to the Clan-Witch Interviews.

Today we are introducing Steven Joseph, Author of ‘The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The Tyrantocrankatsuris,’ a wonderful book appealing to children and adults alike. A little more about this tale from Stevens own site;

Many people grew up believing that dinosaurs became extinct when the Dark Ages arrived, but that’s only partly true. Yes, the Dark Ages did come, but one cranky dinosaur survived and became mankind’s oldest ancestor: the TyrantoCrankaTsuris. In this playful, imaginative tale that draws inspiration from Jewish culture, author Steven Joseph reminds children and adults alike that we all have a little TyrantoCrankaTsuris in us and encourages readers to balance their woes with the positive things in life in pursuit of a happier world.


Q1. What was your inspiration and drive behind your latest book?

My mother who was a Holocaust Survivor and passed away in September 2017, and my daughter who I created the TyrantoCrankaTsuris for when she grew up.

Q2. What is your writing kryptonite?

Trying to think.  I am a runner and my best writing comes from ideas flying into my head during a long run.

Q3. If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

I really do not know.

Q4. Tell us about an early experience where you learned that words have power.

I am an attorney and was asked to speak at a seminar and write a couple of chapters in a textbook.  Dan Goldwasser, who asked me, became a mentor, and he said to me if you want to be an expert on anything, write about it.

Q5. What does success look like to you?

When people tell me they will treasure my book for the rest of their lives.  And the pictures of kids reading my book.

Q6. Tell us what we should look out for from you in the future

I would love to do The TyrsntoTrumpaTsuris.  Nobody has more Tsuris because this dinosaur lies all the time, and with each lie, he has more and more Tsuris!

The other two books are The Pickled Herring Diet and Other Conversations on Getting to Normal, and a Thurvival Guide to Negotiation.

If you would love to know more about Stevens work you can check out his site: where all links to purchase are on the Purchase tab.

Amazon link below:

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