Clan-Witch Interviews: Ekat Rin

With Author of ‘The Source Code’ book series, Ekat Rin

The next in the Clan-Witch interviews is with Author, Ekat Rin. The mind behind the fantasy series ‘The Source Code.’ Book 1 and Book 2 of the series are available now to purchase. To wet your appetite, below is the synopsis from Book 1. ‘The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island.’

Maggie is a programmer and is apt to having dreams about coding, but never before she heard a voice demanding, “Memorize the last line.” Maggie does, but the line only looks like source code. Perhaps, it’s just an outcome of weariness after a fortnight of hard work. Then why … Oh! There are too many whys! They look like just a sequence of coincidences, which happen to bring Maggie and her friends to an isolated tribe on an island that is considered uninhabited. And there, in the jungle, scared out of her wits, Maggie remembers nothing else but the source code from her dream.


Q1. What was your inspiration and drive behind your latest book?

I can’t say how I come up with ideas. It’s a sort of unconscious process for me. It’s like a second before I didn’t have an idea and now I have it. Why? I don’t know. As for inspiration … As I feel it, inspiration is an ability to connect to certain energy flows, to grab a certain energy thread. Normally, I grab it by putting my fingers on the keyboard. I can wake up in the morning knowing nothing about what is going to happen to my characters and by the night have several chapters written. Actually, I write the same way as I read or watch a movie, just a little bit slower.

Q2. What is your writing kryptonite?

If something affects you, you can choose the mode of its influence and turn what weakens you into rocket fuel for creativity.

Q3. If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be?

Stop listening to your parents, teachers, and other adults. Stop doing what they tell you to do. Yes, they want you to be happy, but they know nothing about what you need for this. You and only you can figure it out, and you have to do it on your own.

Q4. Tell us about an early experience where you learned that words have power.

Yes, words possess an incredible power to change the mood, while your mood changes the world around you. Before I learned how to read, I preferred listening to my mother reading to me to any other pastime. Of course, I didn’t think about how the stories unrolling themselves in words affected me, but they affected me, and I savored that effect.

Q5. What does success look like to you?

 For me, there are two types of success: the inward and outward ones. The inward success is the power over the inner world, that is, the self-discipline, the ability to make yourself do what you really want. The outward success is the power over the outer world, that is, the charisma, the ability to make those around listen to you, respect you, adore you. The measure of inward success is the degree of feeling happy. The measure of outward success is the number of fans and the amount of income.

Q6. Tell us what we should look out for from you in the future.

Currently, I am working on the book series The Source Code. So, in the near future, I plan to write and release all the books of this series. I am happy to say that the first four books are already written, the book 1 is published, the book 2 is available for pre-order (BTW, with a discount) and book 3 and book 4 are waiting to be released. You can see the release schedule on my website. Currently, I am working on the book 5. Along with it, I have another book series project, already outlined, waiting to be written.

If you would love to know more about Ekat and keep up to date with her work, you can follow her own site, on Facebook and purchase her work from Amazon.

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