Titles below are currently available in eBook and Paperback formats. I have written work in all of these with the exception of Andrew Taylor’s collection.

Written & Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2018

A starkly emotional account from a NICU Mother on her daughters fight for life and often turbulent journey through NICU after being born suddenly at just 25 weeks into pregnancy.
Giving a uniquely raw insight into life as a parent in the NICU. This story offers support for families and their supporters as they find their own way through their premature journeys as well as being a must read for a glimpse into this highly medicalised world through a parents eyes.

Written & Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2018

This set of three short stories, although separate, are deeply entwined. Rebecca is the character at the centre of all three, which are told from very different points in her life. In Each story Rebecca takes her own life.

This trio focus purely on the harrowing and tragic act of death by suicide. Intimately portrayed in unavoidable, emotional and horrific detail.

Although a work of fiction, each story gives an insight into some of the thoughts and feelings that could trigger an individual to decide to take their own life. It is rarely, if ever, a snap decision nor is it a simple one.

Written by Andrew Taylor. Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2019

With plenty of vibrant and moody satire humour from a distinctive Scottish voice.

This collection is sure to intrigue and entertain. Each piece offers something truly different to the reader’s pallet.
A unique collection of short stories and musings on; Politics, Life, Capitalism, Travel, Drink, Society and much more. All this interestingly woven together by threads of a modern-day ‘Drunk Love Story.’

Pick up your poison and enjoy, The Whisky Stories.

Various Contributors. Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2019

Three Scottish writers, each with their own distinct approach to storytelling have created ten wonderfully diverse shorts for this first Concoction Anthology.

With each story born of a single word prompt; Flesh, Blood, Bone and Haunted. The results are as gritty as they are captivating. Loaded with teasing elements of horror, gore, fantasy and dark humour.
These contents are certainly not for the faint of heart.

Within this cocktail, you’ll experience an apocalyptic adventure of rediscovery, a drug trip, werewolf transformation, casual sex in the city, a peek inside the funeral business and some hard truths.
By diving in to this Concoction, you may just find that something unexpected to tickle your taste-buds.

Various Contribitors. Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2020

In this second instalment of the ‘Concoction’ Anthologies, the same trio; G G Flavell, Natasha Sinclair and Andrew Taylor. Each share with you their distinct approach to storytelling.

Having created twelve wonderfully diverse shorts born of Scottish-One-Word-Prompts.
These stories cross genres to give you a collection to feed almost any mood – from horror, satirical, fantasy and romance.

For this second Concoction volume, the prompt words were; Whisky, Ceilidh, Hogmanay and Unicorn.

Various Contributors. Published by EMerry Publishing. 2020

Valentine’s Day isn’t all love, fun and games. Flash horror Valentine’s stories from a ton of talented authors. From dark and disturbing, morbid humor or guts and gore, these stories have it all.

How will you celebrate the holidays?

With stories from over thirty authors including Eleanor Merry, Cassandra Angler, Angela Glover, M. Ennenbach, P.J. Blakey-Novis, Sea Caummisar, Galina Trefil, DJ Elton, N.M. Brown, Scott Deegan, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Terry Miller, Trisha McKee, Dawn DeBraal, Archit Joshi, Andrew Kurtz, Jason Myers, Andra Dill, Matthew A. Clarke, Alexander Shedd, Sheila Shedd, Ximena Escobar, Nerisha Kemraj, Zoey Xolton, Kevin J. Kennedy, Chris Miller, Lea Vida Del Moro, Wendy Cheairs, Amber M. Simpson, James Pyles, Robert Chester Ferguson Jr, Danielle Sandidge, Joel R. Hunt, Lance Dale, Nicole Henning, Nico Bell, Joshua E. Borgmann, Natasha Sinclair, Daileas Duclo, David Simms, Andrea Allison, Chris Bannor, Tina Merry, Aaron Channel, Aindrila Roy and Zachary C. Collier.

Various Contributors. Published by Books of Horror. 2020

What flavour is your nightmare?

Forty nine authors have come together to tell us theirs. Each story is unique in its horror but all should be read with the lights on and the shadows kept at bay, because some stories tend to stay with you even after the book is closed.
From established authors, to people putting pen to paper for the first time.
Books of Horror presents its inaugural Community Anthology.

Various Contributors. Published by Reanimated Writers Press. 2020

Are you ready to read 100 word stories packed with zombies, the undead, zees, walkers, stalkers, ankle-biters, zeds, monsters, crawlers, draggers, rotters, geeks, the risen, stiffs, ghouls, or whatever else you want to call them? No matter their name, one thing is for sure, they are the reanimated dead coming to get the living to feast on their delicious brains! We gave authors 100 words exactly to tell you stories that revolve around zombies and the humans fighting them to survive. We hope you enjoy this carefully selected collection of drabbles, or 100 word stories.

Various Contributors. Published by KJK Publishing. 2020.

Book 6 in the Best-Selling Horror Collection series contains stories by Tim Curran, Douglas Hackle, Kyle M. Scott, Mike Duke, Zoey Xolton, Natasha Sinclair & Kevin J. Kennedy.

We will take you on a trip through hell, to vampire torn lands, find out the perils of collecting too many books and on many more terrifying adventures.

Various contributors. Published by EMerry Publishing. 2020.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, but even the light can’t keep away all that goes bump in the night. From rituals and witches to summer slasher and sunny horror, Dark Solstice has it all.

Dark Solstice is a flash fiction anthology with a variety of talented authors. With stories from Eleanor Merry, Cassandra Angler, Jason Myers, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Emma K. Leadley, Micheal Ennenbach, Wendy Cheairs, Andrew Kurtz, Chris Miller, Natasha Sinclair, Samuel E Pheby-McGarvey, Kevin J. Kennedy, Joshua Borgmann, Leon Sluyter, Tara Loscano, Tim Miller, Trisha McKee, Angela Glover, Benjamin Chadwick, David Simms, Nicole Henning, A.B. Archambault, Daniel R., Christopher Bonnor, Chris Wilkerson, Lauren Mills, Mike Duke, P.J. Blakey-Novis, M. Betterelli, G G Flavell, Ruthann Jagge, Lance Dale, Tina Merry, Amber M. Simpson, Chris Bannor, Nic Brady, JM Turner, RJ Roles and James Pyles.

Various contributors. Published by Macabre Ladies. 2020.

From monsters and creatures to the darkness of man, Drabbles of Dread has it all.

A deliciously dark collection of flash fiction from some of the darkest and most twisted minds in horror.

With stories from Eleanor Merry, Natasha Sinclair, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Chris Bonner, M Ennenbach, Jason Myers, Benjamin Chadwick, David Green, Jacek Wilkos, Chris Miller, Wendy Cheairs, VikingDaddy, Lance Dale, Leon Sluyter, J.L Boekestein, P.J Blakey-Novis, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Nicole Henning, Justin Scott, Charlotte O’Farrell, Andrew Kurtz, Mary Kiefel, Nerisha Kemraj, Patrick C. Harrison III, Nerisha Kemraj, Tara Losacano, Mark Anthony Smith, Scott McGregor, Joshua E. Borgmann, Ruthann Jagge, Amber M. Simpson, Chris Hewitt, Janine Pipe, Cher Finver, Thomas Sturgeon Jr., Nic Brady, Tina Merry, N.M. Brown, Chris Bannor, Cassandra Angler, Chisto Healy, David Simms, Marina Schnierer, Angela Glover, A.B. Archambault, C. Marry Hultman, Emma K. Leadley and more!

Various Contributors. Published by EMerry Publishing. 2020.

From evil bunnies to killer leprauchauns, or Taco Tuesday gone wrong, Dark Celebration has it all. This is a macabre collection of mixed holiday horror sure to keep you on your toes with your eyes open all night.

With stories from over thirty authors including Eleanor Merry, Natasha Sinclair, David Green, Jason Myers, Dawn DeBraal, Chris Miller, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Gary McDonough, Todd Love , Cassandra Angler, Ruthann Jagge, Angela Glover, Wendy Cheairs, Josh A. Murphy, John Adams, Shawn M. Klimek, Scott McGregor, Charlotte O’Farrell, Tina Merry, Kevin J. Kennedy, Brian J Smith, Nicole Henning, Lance Dale, M. Ennenbach, Leon Sluyter, N.M Brown, David Bowmore, Vic Kerry, P.J Blakey-Novis, Meera Dandekar, David Simms, Rachael Boucker, Diane Arrelle, Claire Davon, Marina Schnierer, Benjamin Chadwick, Cher Finver, Beluah Vega, Surina Venkat, Galina Trefil, Joshua E. Borgmann, Charles Welch, Sydney Jones and J.A. Skelton

Dark Celebration is book 4 in the holiday horror collection

Dark X-Mas
Dark Valentine
Dark Solstice
Dark Celebration

Various Contributors. Published by Insignia Stories. 2020.

Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles is the second volume in the Insignia Drabbles series.

This anthology includes 83 drabbles (100-word stories) inspired by various Southeast Asian folklore, as well as original fantasy and science fiction pieces.

*Exclusively available in eBook only*

Various Contributors. Published by EMerry Publishing. 2020.

Skeletons, ghosts and witches. All Hallows Eve is filled with the terrors that walk the thin line of our world and the other. From the twisted minds of some of todays best horror authors, Dark Halloween is a collection of Halloween themed stories sure to delight and terrify.

How will you celebrate the holidays?

Dark Halloween is book 5 in the holiday horror collection;

Dark X-Mas
Dark Valentine
Dark Solstice
Dark Celebration
Dark Halloween

Various contributors. Published by Books of Horror Publishing. 2020.

The Books of Horror Community Anthology was conceptualized with the idea that anyone that had a story to tell, should be given a platform to do so. Volume one was issued with great success, and those voices were released into the wild for reader’s enjoyment. Now, here we are with volume two—some authors will be familiar, while others will be brand new. Collected within this book are stories that span the wide genre that is Horror. Crack open the book and delve in, if you dare.

Various Contributors. Published by D&T Publishing. 2020.

In the world we live in today, what is more horrific than true life? Seems everyone has a view and a stance. So, what will happen after the Kool-Aid is gone? When decisions have been made and eyes have been opened? Between these covers, are sixteen stories about what just might be on the agenda.

Various Contributors. Published by Iron Faerie Publishing. 2020.

Magic, mayhem and mystery.

Cloaked in magic and surrounded by darkness witches have captured our imagination for millennia and fascinate us more than ever today.

From the wise old crone, witches can be healers and protectors, keepers of the old ways or possessed with supernatural abilities, used for good or evil.
Enter the world of witches – whatever the guise – and enjoy these wicked and wonderful short tales sure to delight!

Various Contributors. Published by Macabre Ladies. 2020.

Extreme Drabbles of Dread is a collection of bite-sized extreme horror stories.

This is an EXTREME horror collection and will push you to the edge of your limits. This is not for the faint of heart.
You have been warned.

Various Contributors. Published by Iron Faerie Publishing. 2020.

Rowan & Oak is a compilation of fantasy, horror and speculative fiction drabbles and flash fiction from authors worldwide. Within its pages you will find stories set to enchant or scare. Dive into the magic and macabre of these 50+ tales in Volume Two.
Featuring: Beth W. Patterson, Charlotte Langtree, Chisto Healy, Natasha Sinclair, Kimberly Rei, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Zoey Xolton and 25 other authors!

Various contributors. Published by Macabre Ladies. 2021.

The unexplained and the unnatural. Things that go bump in the night, driving spikes of fear into our hearts that are all the sharper for being unknown.

Supernatural Drabbles of Dread is a collection of bite-sized, supernatural horror stories from over thirty authors. These stories are horror and are not for the faint of heart.

Supernatural Drabbles of Dread is book three in the Drabbles of Dread Collection:

Drabbles of Dread
Extreme Drabbles of Dread
Supernatural Drabbles of Dread

Various Contributors. Published by Insignia Stories. 2021.

Mythical Creatures of Asia is the third volume in the Insignia Drabbles series.

This anthology includes 95 drabbles (100-word stories) inspired by Asian folklore all across the region.