Writing is unfiltered expression, whether that be drawn from fact or fiction. I love everything about that creative energy. The ability and drive to pour emotions, experiences, fantasies, dreams and tumbling thoughts into a design. I enjoy how a piece can have a multitude of interpretations depending on the viewer, listener. Writing is something I’ve always done, it’s therapy, freedom, life and I love it.

I began self-publishing in 2018 with my Memoir from NICU, ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.’ This was followed by the publishing of short stories and poetry. I have also compiled two anthology collections. As a new challenge, in 2020, I began submitting pieces of work to other indie publishers around the world — this was fantastically fun! As a result, I have work featured in numerous anthologies of mainly horror/dark fiction, alongside writers from around the world. More to come in 2021!

Frequent quick updates can be found on my Instagram and Facebook pages.