Breaking tradition and going full-on first person, since it’s just me. Hi, I’m Natasha! Welcome to my site, Clan Witch & Word Refinery.

From the heart of Scotland, I find inspiration to write in just about everything — from the maddeningly mundane to the utterly horrific. I enjoy provoking deep emotional reactions in readers or a twist of a viewpoint that stirs fresh thought.

My first published piece, a memoir, ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’ was released March 2018. This was followed by short story fiction and poetry works.

My writing spans genres including – speculative, fantasy, horror, psychological and erotica – I love of all manner of dark fiction and art.

Out-with my own publications, I’ve contributed to several anthologies and enjoy supporting other creatives by way of proofreading and editorial support.

As well as a writer, publisher and editor, I am an avid gig-goer, reader, vegan, home educating, nature-loving, adopter of wonky animals.

Word Refinery

Here I offer editorial and creative support to writers.

Personally and professionally, I have long been the person people turn to achieve ‘the right wording’ — to refine and communicate their message in a voice that’s clear and true to the author. I have a keen eye for detail, style and development while upholding respect to the storyteller’s unique voice and perspective.

My business background marries professionalism — I am a stickler for fact-checking and communicating accurate information that supports integrity — with a creative, boundary-breaking flare.

As an author, I have a working understanding of the indie publishing experience – from writing, incorporating valuable feedback, editing, formatting, cover design and promotional graphics. I understand the highs and lows of the independent publishing process and have experience in submitting work to publishers while adhering to specific guidelines. I have learned a lot by jumping straight into the deep end and continue to do so daily, and I endeavour to bring this real-life experience to my clients with honesty and integrity. I care about your voice, your story – you won’t find a mere formulaic processor here, be assured it is personal.

I have supported business’ in writing copy, and other publishers and writers by proofreading, beta reading, judging writing competitions and providing more detailed and thorough editing – from copyediting to developmental and structural.

As a reader, editor and writer, I have a particular interest in erotica and horror and the wonderfully diverse sub-genres that make these so rich and compelling. Projects that hit this area will take priority consideration.
If you are looking for proofreading or editorial support, please head to Word Refinery pages here and contact me!

I look forward to hearing about your project.

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